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Plastic Surgery Aftercare

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I have been using Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare Services for my facelift patients for a few months now. Elisha was the nurse who came out to see my patient and she was great! The patient was extremely happy with her care and felt very reassured that a trained professional was checking up on her and changing her bandages. I will continue to use these services in the future and it is a wonderful touch that patients have come to expect from our office.
– Dr. Jason D. Bloom, Main Line Center for Laser Surgery

✤ 24 hour monitoring
Registered Nurses & Assistants
Private transportation
✤ Private rooms & bath
✤ Healthy specially prepared meals
✤ TV, movies & WiFi
Ensure a Safe, Healthy Recovery

Breast Augmentation
✤ Tummy Tuck
✤ Liposuction
✤ Facial Implants
Arm Lift
✤ Nose Reshaping

✤ Highest level of professionalism
✤ Safe and comfortable care
Discreet service
✤ Education of your surgical experience
✤ A holistic approach to care
Our trained staff follows the instructions of the surgeon